Education Advocacy Group

A career in Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) and education go hand in hand. Be it your initial Electronics and Biomedical Training or continuing education, the Oregon Biomedical Association is glad to help you through our Education Advocacy Group.The Education Advocacy Group is organized and run by volunteers that are professionals with vast knowledge of their career field. These volunteers bring with them a special dedication and passion for their work and wish to promote advanced knowledge to all with which they work. Currently the group is chaired by Mr. Meet Patel, Clinical Engineer at Oregon Health & Sciences University.

CBET Study Group

Mr. Patel also teaches a prep course for the CBET certification exam. The study group meets one day per week for 9 weeks before the CBET exam is scheduled. Study groups greatly increase the odds of passing the exam the first time. More information about the group can be found here.

Broaden the Horizon for Current Students

Mr. Brandon Winslow, Senior Technician at Adventist Health in Portland Oregon works diligently with current students at Portland Community College that are enrolled in the Biomedical Equipment Repair Program. Mr. Winslow brings vast knowledge and years of experience. The students that choose to participate with this group have an added advantage of being able to work directly with technicians currently in the field.

Spark Interest in Future Generation

The Education Advocacy Group is also looking to expand into partnerships with the local community colleges and presenting information on Healthcare Technology Management to high school students at local job fairs. As students look to their future, HTM can be a consideration and we can help define a structured path to achieve that goal.

Engage Upper Management

An effort to bring Biomedical/Clinical Engineering department managers/directors to the table for high level discussions aimed at better addressing challenges faced by ever changing field of healthcare technology. Mr. Frank Waterman who heads the Biomedical Department at Adventist Health is chairing this group.