Success Stories

I would like to take a minute and share my experience and opinion of the CBET Study Class by Meet Patel. I’ve been a Biomed for a little over eight years now, and after a few months on the job and pretty much straight out of college I decided I needed to be certified! So I studied on my own what I thought was important and took the AAMI practice tests over and over on my computer, finally I took the test and to my surprise, I failed. I was almost positive I was going to pass, but I guess memorizing everything doesn’t always help, you have to understand it too!

So eight years go by and I decide to give it another shot, but this time I will take a different approach, I will learn to understand  how it works, how to solve it, and what material I need to learn specifically for the CBET exam. This is when I signed up for Meet’s class, and it was the best decision I made for myself!

Over the course of ten weeks I was able to learn and understand all of the material I needed, not only to pass the test but apply it in my everyday work. Meet made is very simple and convenient for everyone, before we started the class, he emailed everyone and we all set up a time once a week for about 2-3hrs on Saturday mornings for the next ten weeks.

It worked out perfect since no one had to take time off from work and it didn’t take up much of our weekends. As an instructor Meet is very easy going and on your level, more like a friend or a co-worker, which makes it a lot easier to stop him at any time, ask questions or simply talk about something you don’t understand. It definitely makes for a stress free learning environment!

If there was anything I wanted to know in regards to what we went over I could always email or even text him, and he would promptly reply with an explanation. Before each class Meet had the slides ready for us on paper as well as a PowerPoint on the board, it was very easy to follow along and make notes.

The best part of the class is that he teaches you exactly what you will or should see on the test, nothing more, nothing less, and this is where it helped me the most! Overall I would like to say that a couple weeks ago I took the test again, but this time I had the knowledge and understanding I needed under my belt, I was ready, and I PASSED!

I can proudly say that I am now a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician, thanks to Meet Patel’s CBET class, and with that said I would strongly recommend anyone serious about taking and passing the exam to give this class a try; it will be the best thing you did for your career and you’ll be glad you did!

Roman Fomin, BMET II, CBET
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

The nine week CBET prep course was a valuable opportunity to learn critical studying techniques and information pertaining to the CBET exam. The content of the course was presented in a clear and organized manner. Instruction was effective with positive constructive feedback that encouraged student participation and discussion. The information learned through this course greatly developed my biomed subject knowledge and ability to think critically. I would highly recommend this course to every biomed wishing to make this field of work a lifelong career.

Robert Kenck, BMET II, CBET
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

In sharing my experience, I hope that this will encourage others who may be hesitant, to take the CBET test with confidence. I found out about this particular avenue of study after I attended a quarterly Oregon OBA meeting. I overheard some others talking about a study group for the CBET. Having been a member of a dynamic study group throughout my BMET curriculum with much success, I was intrigued by a study group for CBET. I was not disappointed.

Meet Patel, the instructor for the 9 week compressed study course, was a very good instructor, in addition to being engaged and vested in the course and the student’s success. The slide show presentation developed by Meet, was focused, relevant, and thorough. However, the course itself involved more than just information. It also helped to develop a pattern of BMET thinking relevant to the job and indispensable to taking the test. The 10 weeks flew by and test-taking time came fast. Meet was also readily available and provided much encouragement. And the course is good for long time or newly minted BMETs, such as myself. Thank you OBA and Meet.

Opal McGinnis, BMET I, CBET
Legacy Health
Portland, OR

Studying on my own for the CBET was always an option but one that I was dreading. When I heard that there was a review course available, I thought I would give it a shot. Meet Patel of OHSU was heading up the class and turned out to be fantastic! He was knowledgeable, gathered a mountain of great review information that was tailored to the subjects, and put on an excellent slide presentation at every study session.

While the information went a long way toward preparing me for successfully passing the CBET, his sincere desire for each student to succeed further motivated me to try even harder. It is this extra coaching that will motivate you too. Thanks Meet!!

Scott Stockton, BMET I, CBET
Adventist Medical Center
Portland, OR